Welcome to the Friendship Corner

The Friendship Corner was started by two strangers in a Coffee shop, spending time together they got to know each other. They became good friends that share there lives joy, happiest and sorrow. To talk about it and encouraged each over to change for the better. They want to share there  lifetime experiences with you..

There friendship is build upon trusting each other, sharing there inner secrets and dealing with things that matter to them. To say what is on there heart and  not to be judged for it. To spend time listening and not always have the right words to say, but the fact that the person was listening means allot.

There friendship is about caring,
always concern if the other person
doing ok. It puts a smile on your face when things goes good and you feel happy for the other one.
But when things do go bad, they take it to there heavenly Father to take care of the matter according to His will.

Yes, we are woman and have a lot of emotions. We feel and see things differently. We sometimes cry. It’s not a form of weakness, is just because we care so much for the matter that is so deeply on our hearts. Men don’t always understand how we feel, but we try our best to bring a situation across in a way they can understand. It about communicating, share what’s on your heart and for us woman not to jump on our horses and to misjudge them. (more…)

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Why do u stress so much?

Do u found yourself stressing about things that haven’t happen yet?

Your mind is running a head of you. The situation haven’t even happen and you stressing yourself about it….

STOP and THINK.. and please don’t over think about it… (more…)

Just be Yourself

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